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I'm super excited and a little bit scared!

Guess what? Nillumbik Artists Open Studios is starting next weekend, April 29 & 30th, and will continue the following weekend, May 6 & 7th.

It’s my first time participating in this fantastic program, and I’m very excited, if not a touch nervous.

Participating in Nillumbik Artists Open Studios will give me a unique opportunity to showcase my artwork and connect with other artists and enthusiasts. As a first-time participant, I’ll have the chance to share my art with you and gain valuable feedback from you and my other visitors.

You will be able to see where I work, and I’ll demonstrate how I work with hot wax and a blowtorch.

Right now (except for writing this,) I’m super busy finishing off my encaustic wax paintings. Recently I’ve also been fascinated by how I can work sculpturally with ceramics and encaustics. I’m loving the results, and I hope that you will too.

For now, it's time for me to get back to tidying up my studio. There’s a lot of wax on the floors that need cleaning, and I will need to shuffle furniture around for you to all fit in.

Make sure to download the Nillumbik Artists Open Studios app and also follow the signs. They will be everywhere the 28 studios throughout Nillumbik are open.

I hope to see you soon.


Lisa xx

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