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‘The Fusion of Elements - When Encaustic Wax meets Clay’

Welcome to a journey where the ancient meets the avant-garde, where pottery, painting, and sculpture blend into a singular art form.

Let me introduce you to the transformative world of using encaustic wax as a glaze in ceramics. This innovative approach not only challenges traditional boundaries but also opens up a universe of tactile and aesthetic possibilities that promise to enchant both creators and admirers alike. Click here to find out more.

Encaustic wax, known for its luscious, waxy nature, diverges significantly from conventional ceramic glazes. This beeswax-based medium is revered for its depth, texture, and ability to capture colour in ways unattainable to its glazy counterparts. In my online course, you will find out how encaustic wax can bring:

  • Tactile Richness: Encaustic wax elevates ceramics from mere vessels to tactile experiences, inviting touch and exploration.

  • Sculptural Possibilities: Its malleable form allows artists to sculpt, carve, and layer, creating multidimensional works that bring new life to your artistic journey.

Embracing encaustic wax in ceramics doesn't require a leap into the unknown. Many traditional clay tools find new purpose here, alongside other implements such as blow torches and heat guns.

Encaustic Wax gives you:

  • Versatility in Application: Whether brushed on, poured, or incised into, encaustic wax encourages a breadth of techniques, each opening doors to unique textures and effects not achievable with standard glazes.

  • Creative Freedom: Manipulating molten wax offers intimacy in creation, allowing you, the artist, to shape, scrape, and layer to add depth and interest.

  • A Spectrum of Possibilities: Whether you work in clay, airdried clay, or paper clay, encaustic wax will give your sculptural pieces a depth of colour and texture unknown to traditional glazes.

So, join me in ‘The Fusion of Elements – When Encaustic Wax meets Clay’, a melding of the elements where encaustic wax and ceramics converge.

Within the international year-long Painting With Fire 2024/25 online course, my masterclasses will uncover the profound beauty and creativity that lies in exploring the uncharted, the unknown, and the boundless possibilities!

Join now with the Early Bird Special price of US$249. That's less than $5.00 per week for over 60 hours of intensive, inspiring lessons from 27 of the best international encaustic artists.

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